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September is coming...
icon777 The leaves are falling, the days are getting longer - Autumn is coming? No reason for bad mood! Finally you can make yourself comfortable at home again. Of course there are great events to go with it. Reduced videos, three different percentage actions and a free show with hotJackylafey.

The next events in the overview:
  • 15.09 - 18.09. - 30% Bonus (777)
  • 15.08. - 17.09. - 35% Bonus (JL)
  • 23.09 Freeshow with hotJackylafey
  • 27.09. - 30.09. - Videodays (777)
  • 28.09. - 01.10. - 25% Bonus (JL)
You can find the complete newsletter here: Newsletter from 10.09.2018

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